FREE 7 Day Fat Loss Challenge For Men (refundable deposit required)

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Experience an entire week on the Ultimate Physique Personal Training Program for FREE – Drop Fat, Get Lean, Strong and Toned and get all the support you need with this ultimate kickstart to your body transformation and confidence


Hey there, Aidan here 🙂

Looking to get back in shape? Not sure where to start? Need a helping hand losing those extra pounds?

Come join the 7 Day Fat Loss Challenge – Completely FREE

If you are someone who finds it tough to get started, even though you constantly tell yourself that you are going to finally get round to doing something about your body, health and fitness..

Most likely, you could probably just do with that kick up the arse to really set you on the right path to a brand new body and lifestyle.

So I decided to create this Brand New Fat Loss Challenge where you can experience my full Ultimate Physique Personal Training Program for an entire week, guaranteed to get you fast, effective results and set you up in the best possible way to getting that lean, strong physique that will absolutely sky rocket your body confidence

In your 7 day challenge, you get:

  • 3 Super Effective Personal Training Workouts – With myself where you can learn what it really takes to get Lean, Strong and Toned, saving you tonnes of time in the gym
  • Your Own 7 Day Meal Plan – Designed purely to get you the most Effective and Fastest Results Possible
  • 1 Body Transformation Session – Where we will go through Step By Step exactly what it is going to take to get you the Body and Lifestyle you are really looking for
  • The Ultimate Support Network – Join up with the rest of my guys for your week to guarantee you start super motivated on your new journey

Location – PureGym Bournemouth

I’ve made this FREE for a limited time only, all that is required is a small £20 refundable deposit (refunded upon attendance) just to ensure all those who apply are serious and we aren’t wasting each others time

Why am I doing this?

Well, if you truly get awesome results and value in your 7 days, then chances are, you may want to stay on with my guys and join my actual program to really guarantee you the most amazing results

So, If you’d like to know how to achieve incredible results like my clients have and give yourself the ultimate kick up the arse to start you on your new journey..

Then go ahead and purchase your deposit now and we can get you booked in ASAP

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