PT Guidance

To ensure you stay protected at all times when using PT Compare, here’s a short list of the key do’s and don’ts when doing business on the platform:


  • Ensure listings are accurate
  • Be responsive to enquiries
  • Accept as many bookings as possible
  • Provide excellent service
  • Get great reviews



  • Transact off platform
  • Provide products or services before payments have cleared
  • Frequently reject or cancel bookings
  • Train clients without insurance
  • Provide services in unauthorised gyms
  1. Share your pages & products- post links to your pages on social media, in your emails and on other sites.
  2. Diversify your offering- consider categorising different sessions or packages based on goals or location and even peak/off-peak times.
  3. Follow up with clients- request reviews to build your online reputation and see if you can continue to help a client with products and follow on sessions.
  4. Post testimonials- create a group to post before/after pics and enter link in your bio or about section
  5. Contribute to the forums- build your profile within the community and generate more “warm” leads
PT Compare