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    Crystal White Smile It is also desirable to clean the tongue with a special nozzle or a separate device. You should not do without a special dental floss. It serves as a tool for removing food pieces stuck in hard-to-reach areas. Floss recommended to pass through the interdental space at least once a day. It is highly undesirable to use a toothpick for similar purposes. Dentists say: it can violate the integrity of the tooth enamel and gum tissue. The aforementioned floss treats them many times more delicately. Teeth brushing more often than indicated in several points above is undesirable, as it can have the opposite effect – to contribute to thinning or other damage to the external dental tissues. If you want to maintain a sense of cleanliness of the mouth after eating food, you should resort to the use of special rinses. Rules for using them are given by manufacturers on the packaging. It is recommended annually, and even better – twice a year – to go for a medical examination to your dentist. It makes sense to combine these visits with the conduct of professional cleaning (like air flow), which helps to remove a strong plaque and crush dental stone formations. Dental and oral care: specific measures The above measures of a significant portion of healthy people on the planet would be enough to maintain the oral cavity in a normal state, and the dentition intact. However, in some circumstances, especially when the immune system is weakened for some reason (one of them is the onset of pregnancy), special care will be needed for the oral cavity. Specific actions in this direction will be determined individually, but there are a few common points. Specific oral and dental care may involve the use of products intended for sensitive teeth. The need for them arises in mature people experiencing a number of age-related changes: because of some of them, the sensitivity of dental tissues increases. What formulations to use for leveling this phenomenon will prompt the dentist.

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