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    Purefit Keto Pills Carbohydrates, especially those consumed through the consumption of bread and pasta, are considered as public enemies. These points of the carbohydrate-free diet translate into a strategic plan, designed to lose weight, based on solid foundations. In a short time, in fact, it is possible to lose many Kili , which, however, in the future, could be easily and faster again. Therefore, the carbohydrate-free diet, which primarily eliminates bread and pasta, does not just have advantages. However, it may be a good start to quickly dispose of kilos too, but don’t expect to lose 10 kg in a month ! Then you will settle on a balanced and controlled diet that includes carbohydrates but in a regulated measure or you could decide to undertake different diets ( Vegan Diet , Vegetarian, Fruttariana etc.). Does the carbohydrate-free diet work? If the goal is just to lose weight, without any regard to health, then the answer is “yes, no carbohydrate diet works!” . But, if you are looking for a valid diet, able to combine both the possibility of losing weight and an action to protect health, then the diet without bread and pasta is the wrong choice . Why? Simple: by eliminating bread and pasta and carbohydrates in general, nutrition will necessarily rest on other pillars, specifically represented by proteins and fats . Perfect, then, since proteins help increase lean body mass and don’t make you fat. But all that glitters is not gold : a huge consumption of proteins, never accompanied by the action of carbohydrates, tires the kidneys and, therefore, even if you lose weight in just 10 days, in the long run the risks related to your health could be really many. First of all, let’s try to understand how a typical diet menu is structured without bread and pasta . Diet without carbohydrates weekly: here’s what to eat What to eat or what not to eat? Perhaps, we first make a list of all the foods to avoid in order not to ingest the ruthless carbohydrates (yes, because according to this diet they seem to be really dangerous). Sugar, honey, desserts of all kinds, pasta, bread, pizza, potatoes, cereals, fruit juices, fizzy drinks and spirits : none of this must be touched absolutely (equally in the Lipophidic Diet ). So what to eat?

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