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    Testo Genix XL Most athletes mistakenly believe that, in fact, this exercise cannot be altered in terms of muscular orientation, performing craving with direct or reverse grip, that the choice of grip is a personal matter for everyone and is only a matter of convenience and preferences. There is also an opinion that the direct grip is clearly more convenient to carry out. Attention! Do not repeat the mistakes of others! Rod barbell to the belt in the slope of the direct grip and rod pull rod to the belt in the slope of the reverse grip are two fundamentally different exercises, especially in the direction of the load on the back muscles. Conclusions about the types of grip Rod bar to the belt in the slope of the direct grip This exercise is exactly this grip has its own characteristics, and it is in this position that we simply have to pull our elbows when performing a thrust, and we strive to lift the barbell to the chest, not to the belt. Thus, the load falls on the rhomboid muscles and the middle of the trapezoid. You have a question about the work of the broadest?! So, when performing such grip there is no load on the altissimo dorsa. Thrust vulture reverse grip in carrying out the thrust, we hold the elbows narrowly, and pull the neck only to the belt. What muscles fall under the load and really work in this case? So we are working hard on the broadest, and give a weak load of their lower parts. Who has the goal to grow in breadth, forget about craving with direct grip for a while, work with reverse grip?

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